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Should I buy a keyword domain name and put a website on it?

For those who don’t know, a keyword domain is a domain name with keywords in it. ...

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If I redesign my site, will I lose years of hard work on the SEO and link building?

Yes, if not managed properly. No, if you use Digimax. Let us explain. Google wants a ...

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31 Dental Marketing Ideas & Tips to Grow Your Dental Practice

The dental industry may feel the need to write off 2020-21 from a profit powerhouse point ...

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Insensitive Instagram posts during the coronavirus pandemic will not help your brand

Save your brand by supporting, not selling. A full lockdown for the UK has been finally announced. We ...

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Introducing the Ultimate Book for any Dental Pratice – Amazon Bestseller ‘Instagram For Dentists’

Reaching bestseller status in a matter of weeks, “Instagram For Dentists” offers dental professionals insider’s hacks ...

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Honouring and Remembering Dr Anoop Maini

We are deeply saddened to note the passing of Dr Anoop Maini. He was a pillar ...

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Wells on Wheels Charity

Watch the film: Wells on Wheels Documentary from Digimax Dental on Vimeo. Latest Update: Whilst wells ...

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Digimax Dental wins Customer Service Award Europe

Digimax Dental won Customer Service Provider of the Year 2019 at the Business Excellence Awards! This ...

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Am I allowed to use the term “Botox” on my website?

Botox is a prescription-only-medicine which means that it is prohibited by law from being advertised to ...

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Clearing Cache on iPhone & Android

In order to speed up your website browsing experience, browsers have a ‘caching’ mechanism which stores ...

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