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Everything you need to know about using Gold or Silver in your dental logo

This article is for you if: If you want to use metallic gold or silver in ...

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Website Hosting and Domain Names: What You Need to Know

Website hosting and domain names are essential components of any online presence. In this article, we ...

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Email forwarding for Dentists

Email forwarding is a free feature that allows you to automatically redirect incoming emails to another ...

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Which domain is best suited for my dental or aesthetic practice?

We often get asked, “Which domain name is best for my practice”. Before we dive deeper, ...

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Can you design a landing page for me?

You’ve come to this page because you want a well-designed landing page that will lead to ...

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How to build a show-stopper website with Digimax

You have been directed to this article because you have said, or thought, something along these ...

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Should I buy a keyword domain name and put a website on it?

For those who don’t know, a keyword domain is a domain name with keywords in it. ...

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If I redesign my site, will I lose years of hard work on the SEO and link building?

Yes, if not managed properly. No, if you use Digimax. Let us explain. Google wants a ...

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31 Dental Marketing Ideas & Tips to Grow Your Dental Practice

The dental industry may feel the need to write off 2020-21 from a profit powerhouse point ...

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Insensitive Instagram posts during the coronavirus pandemic will not help your brand

Save your brand by supporting, not selling. A full lockdown for the UK has been finally announced. We ...

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