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Videography formats for dental websites

In our previous article, “How to Build a Show-Stopping Website with Digimax,” we explained how to create a stunning website with Digimax. In this article, we will discuss the kind of video and its format if the video is going to be a primary feature on your dental practice’s or dental personal brand homepage, which we do recommend for the wow factor!

In this article we wanted to cover the kind of video we need and the format of it, if the video is going to become a primary feature for your homepage (which we often recommend for that wow factor)

Your videographer needs to provide two files:

  1. Hero video: A primary video file with audio, text overlays, and voiceover, 60-180 seconds long
  2. Silent hero: A soundless, clean edit, 30-60 seconds long, with no text overlays or voiceover that loops in the background.

What do we want to achieve with a Hero Video?

From the moment the play button is pressed, we want your ideal patients to feel engaged and know they are at the right place. The focus of your dental practice or personal brand should be evident from the first moment the video plays, but we want the viewer to get past the first 10 seconds and stay engaged. The video should be short, punchy, and quickly convey all the unique selling points (USPs) that matter most to your ideal patient without feeling like a drain on their time. We want to avoid lengthy interviews, lots of reading, instructions, or unnecessary content that adds no value. A well-designed video says a lot more than a picture, so your patients should have a feeling of knowing you before they even step through the door.

It’s often said that a picture speaks a thousand words, but we believe that a well-crafted video can convey even more. By showcasing your dental practice with a stunning video, patients can get a sense of who you are and what you stand for before they even set foot in your door.

What do we want to achieve with a Silent Hero Video?

The Silent Hero Video autoplays in the background of the site as soon as you enter. The reason we don’t have the Hero Video playing automatically is because it would get missed, and most browsers don’t allow sound or audio to play automatically anymore. When you have made a video that is as important as your Hero Video, you don’t want it to be missed so we must encourage the user to press play by placing the play button front and centre of the homepage.

This means, the silent hero video will build up enough intrigue for the user to want to click the main video. The silent hero video, will have no complicated text overlays, or interviews (as there will be no sound), they will all be feel good shots and snippets that build a bigger picture of your brand. When the play button is pressed, that’s when all the dots are connected.

Where do we suggest hosting these videos?

We recommend Vimeo. After your videographer has sent you your video, you could upload it to Vimeo, or as your videographers help to do this. Once you have the links to your two videos, you can share it with your project manager at Digimax.

There are several advantages of Vimeo over other video hosting platforms:

High-quality video: Vimeo is known for its high-quality video playback, with superior video compression and image quality compared to other video hosting platforms. This means your hard work appear in the best possible light.

Customisation options: Vimeo offers a wide range of customisation options, allowing users to personalise the look and feel of their videos and channels. This can help them create a unique brand identity and stand out from the competition.

Advanced privacy settings: Vimeo offers advanced privacy settings, allowing users to control who can view their videos and how they can be embedded or shared. This is especially important for us, as we wouldn’t want your silent hero video to appear in Google as it wouldn’t make sense out of context.

No ads: Unlike other video hosting platforms, Vimeo does not display third-party ads on its videos or channels, providing a clean and professional viewing experience for users.

Which format should the video be in?

We recommend a HD16:9 aspect ratio with a minimum of 1920 x 1080 resolution for both videos.


Filming shot ideas for a dentist (personal brand site):

All ideas are suggestions, and you can select the shots that you feel add most value, are attainable and look visually impressive. You certainly do not need to capture every shot listed beneath:



Personal brand dentist shot ideas:

  • Opening shot of the dental practice exterior or reception area where you work
  • Close-up shot of you introducing yourself
  • Medium shot of you speaking with a patient in the treatment room
  • Close-up shot of any appealing technology you work with (e.g iTero) (Stay away from footage of dental tools – they are scary!)
  • Medium shot of you and a patient interacting during an appointment
  • Close-up shot of any explanatory gestures you are making. Make sure you are smiling as much as possible in your shots.
  • Medium shot of you explaining a treatment plan or procedure to the patient
  • Close-up shot of the dentist laughing with a team member or patient

If you are a dentist that speaks publicly:

  • Opening shot of you on stage or in front of an audience
  • Close-up of your face as you introduce yourself
  • Shots of the audience, capturing their engagement and reactions
  • Medium shot of you walking around on stage or using gestures to emphasise points
  • Close-up of your hands, showing any props or visual aids you are using
  • Medium or wide shot of you in action, delivering their main message or presentation
  • Close-up of any key slides or visuals from your presentation
  • Cutaways to the audience, showing reactions and engagement
  • Close-up of your face, emphasising a key point or message
  • Medium shot of you concluding their presentation and thanking the audience
  • Closing shot of you on stage or in front of the audience

Dental practice shot ideas:

  • Opening shot of the dental practice exterior, including the sign and any branding
  • If you are in an interesting location, incorporate a few outside recognisable local area shots
  • Shots of the dental practice reception area with a friendly face smiling and welcoming
  • Close-up shot of the dental practice branding where appropriate
  • Medium shot of a dental professional speaking with a patient in the treatment room
  • Close-up shot of the patient’s happy face during an appointment
  • Medium shot of a dental professional explaining a treatment plan or procedure to the patient, both smiling
  • Medium shot of a dental professional concluding the appointment and scheduling the patient’s next visit, both smiling and friendly
  • Shot of any team member greeting and interacting with patients, happy and friendly

It’s important to remember that the style of the video and shots will depend on the dental practice’s goals. However, including a mix of wide, medium, and close-up shots, as well as happy looking people within them, can help create a dynamic and inviting video that showcases the brand. You need to work with a videographer that gets you and can bring creative concepts to the table!

3 examples of a Hero Video and a Silent Hero Video

Example 1:

Hero Video:

Silent Hero Video:

Example 2:

Hero Video:

Silent Hero Video:

Example 3:

Hero Video:

Silent Hero Video:

Digimax does not offer filming services, but you can find a vetted provider on the Digimax Perks app.