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How to build a show-stopper website with Digimax

You have been directed to this article because you have said, or thought, something along these lines:

“I want a website like no other”
“I want an award-winning website”
“People need to land on this website and say ‘WOW’”
“I would like the photos used to be my own”

Think about any memorable website. Now imagine this site without the videos and images. What are you left with? Text and a structure. This is us: we are the experts in styling, structuring and creating an incredible website based upon the best visual assets available.

Sure, we can still get very good results using our libraries images or footage, but the real success is when our partnership with you is supported by great visuals that allow us to go to town with your design.


Content is king, and video is the king of kings. When we have an exceptional video to work with, we can make your website stand out and captivate your users from the moment they arrive.

Press play on these two websites to see what I mean:

At Digimax we don’t produce videos, but we do have companies that may be able to support you on your client Perk Portal. Our advice is to find a video partner who will work closely with you to direct and film a video that will wow your audience. The direction of the video is as important, if not more important than the quality of videography. Try and work with a video partner who will story board with you, and who has an instinctive grasp of the story you’re trying to tell. (Also, remember to avoid any scenes that would frighten nervous patients, e.g close ups of tools!)

On the Team page, we would advise filming 60-second interviews for each team member. This would be entirely different to most of the sites we see out there, and it clearly shows that your team is made up of real people who care about what they do.

Note: If you don’t have the most visually stunning practice yet, don’t worry. You still have team members that can greet and smile. Try and capture all the best thing about your practice. People are more interested in the warmth and enthusiasm of your team than the suede on your armchair!


Get an expert photographer on board. With the right lenses and lighting, they can do justice to your practice, or make it look even more stunning than it actually is. Here is a guide which covers this in greater detail:

I’d also advise you to get plenty of smiling, friendly, bubbly-looking photographs of the team. The team page is the most clicked. A group team photo goes a long way!

Brand identity

If your brand identity and logo are tired, this will impact even the best website design.

Look at any of the brands you purchase from and ask yourself about the feeling they gives you. This feeling comes across from the colours, style and typography used. The brand design is the essence of your website design. You can’t have one without the other.

If your logo needs to be designed or refreshed, we have branding packages to support this.

Ultimately, while we want your website to look as good as possible, our primary goal is patient conversion. We have mastered this with or without the assets mentioned above. Only a minority of practices have found the time to invest in the these assets. The ones that do get to reveal a lot more about the personality of the practice. But all our clients end up with a website that will help them attract patients.