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Photographing your dental practice

Taking the Right Pictures Can Bring More Than Winning Smiles To Your Dental Practice

Your dental practice is more than just a clinic – it’s also a business, and if you want this business to be successful then it means making use of all marketing and promotional tools and avenues at your disposal. One powerful tool that you can maximise are photographs.

A compelling picture can attract people’s attention. If you have the right visual displayed on your dental website, Google profile, Facebook, Instagram and any other social channels, then it can double the impact of your message and attract patients.

You should keep in mind these six tips on how to take striking and stunning photographs and create more impact for your dental marketing.

Seek the expertise of a professional photographer.

Hiring a photography expert is the quickest and easiest way to get the best pictures of your dental practice. You not only get the expertise and creative eye of a professional, but you also have access to the tools and equipment that can make your photographs look professional and high quality.

Include exactly what you want your patients to see.

A photograph is a powerful medium that a patient uses to judge whether it’s a clinic they feel comfortable visiting. More than projecting professionalism, your photographs should convey calm, confidence and a relaxing environment. First order of business is to remove unnecessary clutter – from brochures, leaflets to magazines – that the camera can pick up.

Take pictures of subjects that will showcase what your clinic offers.

One of the objectives of dental marketing is to set apart your dental practice from the rest of the competition with help of Digimax Dental.

. Use photographs to showcase distinct services, products and equipment. Photograph facilities or machines that you are proud of. Pick the best rooms if you offer multiple surgeries. Include pictures of awards and certificates. Do not take pictures of tools that could make patients feel nervous!


Use a wide-angle lens to make your space look bigger.

It goes without saying that most dental clinics in metropolitan cities are not always spacious. However, good lighting can expand your space. Using a wide-angle lens can also make a small space look larger. If you are blessed with spacious premises then your photographer can advise whether wide-angle shots would still be needed. In the example of this surgery photo, you will see that a large proportion of the ceiling is included in the shot to give the added illusion of size/space when in reality the surgery size in this picture is rather modest.



Avoid close-ups of dental tools.

A visit to the dentist is not always on everyone’s favourite list of things to do, so it goes without saying that a close-up of dental tools is the best way to scare away your prospective patients. Instead, try not to draw too much attention to the tools by just including them when you’re photographing a machine or a featured room.



Show the faces behind the names.

You create a better element of trust in your patients when you let them see your face. A genial team with warm and confident smiles can dispel away doubts, anxiety or fear that comes with not knowing the people working on one of the most personal parts of their body.

The right picture can be a big boost for your dental practice. A great way to show your patients that you can make that winning smile happen is by taking a photograph of your confident, smiling team.