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Can you design a landing page for me?

You’ve come to this page because you want a well-designed landing page that will lead to conversions. First let’s establish the basics.

Your landing page should:

– Lead patients to one specific treatment/offer and encourage them to act.

– Deliver information clearly and quickly, making life easy for the patient.

– Be free from any noise that might distract from the treatment/offer.

– Have a clear purpose and be perfectly coordinated with any campaigns you are running.

This last point is the one that most people miss.

For example, one of the main reasons for designing a landing page is for the purpose of a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign

In this case, let’s imagine you have decided that promoting an Invisalign package is a great way to start growing the practice. You have selected an agency to run your PPC ads and you have been advised you need a landing page. This makes sense. You don’t want to send traffic to your homepage, or an internal page where the Invisalign messaging is not razor sharp.

Naturally, you contact your website designer.

But here’s the problem. The PPC company now has an easy excuse if the campaign is not getting as many conversions as you’d hoped for. They can pin the blame on the designers.

This is where the triangle of pain is created for you as the client. You just want the campaign to work, and you want one person to be responsible for the result.

Solution: In our experience, using a PPC company that takes full control of the landing page design process is the most sensible and responsible route to take.

Another main reason for designing a landing page is to improve your SEO. Landing pages can definitely help with this, but you need to be careful. You must consider what sacrifices you will need to make to fill your landing page with the relevant key words, and whether this will be worth it. For more information, Read on here

This is all good, but can you still design a landing page for me?

Unfortunately not.

We stopped designing landing pages for a few reasons. We have an extremely bespoke design process. It starts with creating the design concept, and we work together to revise the design. Then it is hand-coded, and eventually wrapped around a content management system. This process takes weeks and is not a suitable way of creating landing pages that you need quickly. Our process is slow, and costs more hence we have decided not to damage our reputation or test your patience with a service that is not in line with our standards.

The way other companies create landing pages quickly is by using a drag and drop landing page builder. We don’t use any design builders or off the shelf templates, but we certainly are not against it for the purposes of landing page creation.

If this appeals to you, you could take the design into your own hands using tools like:

You will find the above tools are far cheaper than using a designer, or alternatively you could find a company that specialises in landing pages and can work with you fast.

Key takeaway: Use a PPC company who will create the landing page for you so they are responsible for the results.