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Why competitive dentists build better practices

Competition can often be perceived to be an undesirable attribute to have when building a business but here at Digimax Dental, we disagree. In order to surpass the competition you have to be willing to go the extra mile with your marketing efforts in order to build a thriving dental practice.

We attract a variety of different types of dentists at Digimax Dental but one of our favourites is the ‘competitive dentist’. Eager to be more successful, willing to go that bit further and prepared to work the hardest, the competitive dentist always tends to co

me out on top due to their razor sharp focus. This is a dream for us as we know that the dentist invests in his team, front of house, standards, reviews, quality control, offers, team training and satisfaction. This helps us deliver a rounded marketing service as factors out of our control are to a top standard.

The competitive dentist will focus on building excellent patient experiences and relationships which grow the patient base over time, and increase the lifetime values of patients to the practice. This also helps when the dentist wishes to exit the practice as the value of the practice is based on its success.

Getting feedback from your patients however obvious it may sound, can be an absolute game-changer; you can find out exactly what they want and then work towards meeting that goal. Those dental practices who just casually saunter along without truly paying attention to their target audience, have a track record of being behind the competition.

We’ve seen many successful dental practices over the years and we remain adamant that it’s the passionate and determined dentists who perform the best in the industry. Naturally progressively moving forward can only mean one thing – you overtake the dentist around the corner who is “too busy” to look at his marketing.

We believe in structured, carefully planned out marketing techniques here at Digimax Dental and we love to see those dental practices who are prepared to explore all the key avenues to practice growth which include a website that is fully optimised to ‘convert patients, social media exposure and most importantly, first page Google Rankings. A competitive dentist will always be more likely to succeed with practice growth than a dentist who is happy for his prospective clients to just come to his door. In business, and especially in the dental industry, we believe that the best opportunities don’t just come knocking – you have to actively go out and seek those opportunities yourself.

A successful dentist knows what they want and know which experts to employ to give them the winning edge; we are extremely popular with this type of dentist.

Your dental website is just one of the many factors that you’ll need to consider if you wish to remain as competitive as possible; we can help you to achieve the ideal dental website design so that you can compete with the best in the industry. A successful marketing strategy, a well thought-out dental website design and the drive and ambition to succeed will ensure that you remain competitive and will result in a much better dental practice.