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Should I offer Live Chat on my dental website?

Dentistry is a service based industry that relies on a positive and responsive relationship between both dentist and potential patient. A live chat facility can prove to be immensely effective in helping to build a reputable relationship between dentist and prospective patient as it allows you to build a considerable amount of trust as the patient knows exactly who they’re talking to.

Many patients (and potential patients) may ask questions regarding the practice location, the price of various treatments and appointment availability but may not want to ask these questions via email as they would prefer a more immediate response.

Responding to emails can be time-consuming and ineffective if the dentist is busy, whereas a live chat solution allows for instant communication that both parties can participate in effectively.

Implementing a live chat software into your dental website can increase potential leads by up to 30% – and more leads means more patients. An engaging and trustworthy dental website is more likely to obtain more patients than a dental practice that takes a number of days to respond to any queries.

A screenshot from a real live chat

A live chat software on your dental website can also improve patient satisfaction and patient loyalty. This is because live chat allows you to directly communicate with your prospective patients in a timely manner and allows you reassure them before they even make an appointment. The potential patients will also be able to gauge just how efficient you are as a dental practice by your response time and how helpful you are. The more responsive you are, the more likely it is that the patient will choose your dental practice as opposed to your competitors’ dental practice.

Setting up a live chat software is very quick and easy and it can help you save time and money in the long run, remember; time is money to dental practices, therefore you want to be as efficient as possible. By using a live chat system, you can build up a respectable reputation with your patients while gaining instant feedback, thus allowing you to see what practises work for you and which areas you may need to improve on.

Many live chat facilities allow you to sign up for free, allowing you to talk to your website visitors, build a sound relationship with your prospective patient and deliver excellent customer service. Here at Digimax Dental, we recommend using for all your live chat needs as you can sign up for free and then choose to upgrade your plan in the future to suit the needs of your dental practice.

If you wish to create a creditable relationship between your dental practice and your prospective patient then we highly recommend implementing a live chat software into your dental website in order to gain your potential patients’ trust. Systems such as Crisp live chat can help you to improve your dental services, increase your patient satisfaction.