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Dental supplier leaflets – just say no

Are you guilty of having a large scattered display of leaflets all over your practice reception? From leaflets about whitening through to dental implants – supplier leaflets do little for your brand or your dental practice and instead they clutter up your practice, often making the whole montage of leaflets an eyesore.

We say – “Clear out the clutter!” of the nondescript and repetitive supplier leaflets and make room for your own well-produced leaflets. Bring your brand image to the forefront and make sure you highlight the values that your dental practice stands for. Your own bespoke leaflets should include vital information that allows your patients to gauge a full understanding of why you’re the best dental practice for them by offering them informative content that helps them make a treatment decision after they have left your practice.

With the right professional support, that Digimax Dental would be more than happy to provide you with, you can create leaflets that won’t make your practice reception look like a patchwork quilt and instead prove to be an effective form of marketing. You can reinforce your brand’s main aims and objectives and turn enquiries into conversions by beautifully designed, on-brand practice treatment information leaflets.

When designing leaflets that are specific to your brand and dental practice there are a number of things that you must consider to ensure that they’ll be as effective as possible. It’s important to make sure that all your leaflets have clear covers with a strong title, an attractive picture and your logo. A set of leaflets makes your practice appear organised and enthusiastic about patient care.

Try and avoid making your leaflets in-house on Microsoft Word! These aren’t flattering for your brand as the logo placement, margins and typography are not likely to be in line with how a professional leaflet should appear.

A dental branding expert will be able to get a feel for exactly what you want from your own branded leaflets and as long as they contain plenty (but not excessive amounts) of information about your dental practice then they’re sure to be successful.