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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to complete a bespoke dental website design?

At Digimax a beautiful, powerful and bespoke dental website design will take between 10-12 weeks to develop. No templates, just a stunning website using all our design and marketing experience.

A website for a squat practice could take longer as there is more discovery required.

(The quoted time frame does depend on swift feedback and content approval).

What is involved in producing a dental website?

Our 11 step design and build process is as follows:

1. Data collection (using our client content portal)
2. Content
3. Homepage design
4. Approval of homepage design
5. Coding of homepage
6. Design of inner pages
7. Coding of inner pages
8. Integration of content management system
9. Placement of content
10. Approval and tweaks
11. Going Live


Will the site work on mobile devices and tablets?

Yes! Our websites are fully mobile responsive and work across smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers.

Is it possible to redirect the existing traffic from my current website to the new one Digimax are developing?

If you have an existing website, then yes we can! This is an important process and we take great care to ensure all the old pages link to new ones. We carefully plan the migration from an old site to a new one to maintain SEO efforts. We plan all your 301 redirects and inform Google of your new sitemap. Nothing is left to chance.

Who owns my new website?

You own the website! Sites are coded using PHP / HTML and not reliant on any proprietary system. We offer full transparency and portability! Beware, other companies have been known to promise this too – but when it comes to getting access to your site, you are sometimes presented with a lot of objections that you were not made aware of when appointing them.

If I decide to switch to a different website design company in the future, can I take my website with me?

Yes, of course and we will do all we can to help should you want to do this. Sites are coded using PHP / HTML and not reliant on any proprietary system. We offer full transparency and portability! There are no surprise costs involved either.

Once the website is completed and handed over to me, how can I make minor amendments/updates?

Most website updates relate to what is happening in your business i.e. fees / team members / treatments. You can update this yourself through the content management system. The system is very easy and training will be provided just after your website is launched.

We also offer you the flexibility to lean on us for support whenever you need on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. You would simply complete this form and our web team will action the updates asap. We charge £35 + vat per half an hour for content related website updates.

We do not tie you into any ‘maintenance contracts’ as it does not fit in with our company values.

Do you backup my website?

If you are hosting your website on our server – we have an incremental website backup in the cloud which backs up your site over the last few days, so we could roll back the site to an earlier version should there be a disaster recovery situation (rare!).

Advanced backup is available at a fee, if you are interested in this then please enquire.

Is it possible to see how many people visited my website, on what day / hour, from which location etc?

Yes! You will be able to see this data using Google Analytics. You need to register for Google Analytics and provide us the code to install on your website.

Can you lock photographs so people cannot copy them?

There is a code we can add that disables right-clicking to save an image. However, if someone really wants to bypass that, they can. This also doesn’t prevent someone from taking a screenshot. Hence we would advise you to watermark all your portfolio images, which we can help by providing you with a photoshop template. There are mobile phone apps that can do this too.

Do you integrate to any online booking systems?

We can integrate to SOE or Dentally. Any booking system that you have come across that offers a website integration should be possible for us to integrate too.

Who writes my website content?

This content can either be provided by yourself or written by a professional writer who we subcontract to write the content for your website. We have also partnered with Dental care Professionals who proof read the content to ensure the technical accuracy of the content.

Our writers have experience in writing dental content and follow GDC website guidelines to ensure your website is compliant. At Digimax we have also built a GDC content compliance checker to further ensure that nothing goes live on your website that could contravene GDC regulations. The ASA regulations surrounding Botox advertising are also important to us – read more on our blog here.

You will have the final approval on the content that goes live on your website.

What is a content management system (CMS)?

A content management system enables you to manage the content on the website yourself without incurring any cost or waiting time. Training will be provided. We custom integrate a WordPress backend management system to allow you to control the content on the website.

What would be the benefits of the content management system? Is it easy to use?

Anyone that can use email, can use this content management system. It is easy to use, and we train your team through a screen-share session on how to maintain the website. It is our most popular option, because it brings immediacy of review to your site and allows you to keep your digital identity up to date, as frequently as you like. The system also allows your team to blog – without any dependency on us as your web team. Furthermore, implementation of the system would mean you would have no maintenance costs for basic website updates.

Would I have full access to update prices, treatments, news etc. with the content management system?

Through your content management system, you can maintain all of these aspects of your websites. Being able to update your own site not only means you can make changes quickly, but also means you don’t have to pay maintenance costs.

Do you design logos?

Yes, we can help with this. We offer a full branding package which includes logo and identity design, your logo in a variety of digital formats, appointment card design, business card design, letterhead design and compliment slip design. This package is £1750 + vat (often discounted when combined with a website design and build).

Can you help with the practice name?

We can help provide suggestions for names for your practice. Our approach is picking a name that would be ‘SEO friendly’ but still memorable – this means Google can index your site well and the site is reasonably optimised for your area.

For example, a dentist in Haringey approached us for help, and we recommended the name ‘The Haringey Dentist’, as this name contains keywords that are most likely to be typed into Google by a new patient in that area.

We do not offer this as an ‘official’ service, but we will, of course, be more than happy to help you develop your ideas.

Do you provide the pictures/photographs?

Website images from one of the best royalty free stock libraries in the world are included in the package to use on your websites.

Pictures of your practice are best taken by a local photographer. We have built this guide that most photographers can follow. We would expect an experienced photographer with a good portfolio will charge you £250-£350 for an afternoon.

We also have a 3D tour company that can produce a stunning virtual walkthrough of your refurbished practice for circa £150 for Digimax clients.

Do you have a professional photographer you would recommend for my photographs?

You can engage any photographer that you feel has a strong portfolio. You can follow our photography guidelines here: Photographing your dental practice

You can also visit out Perk Portal to learn about our partners that offer preferential prices.


Do you provide videos?

We have a database of 3D video treatment animations you can use on your website free of charge as a Digimax client.

Do you suggest a running video in the background for our practice site?

Absolutely! Have a look at a new website we launched recently: – if you have a videographer, then we would LOVE to incorporate a video on your homepage and we can advise the best way to do this once we start.

Can you setup email addresses?

In our quest to make the procedure easier for clients, we have designed the Digimax Perk Portal. This portal is a place where Digimax clients can access various perks from select partners, including partners specialising in providing technological solutions.

Please visit out Perk Portal to learn about our partners that offer preferential prices.

Is SEO included in the website design quote? /
Is there some SEO in place with the initial website that you create?

Your new website will be ‘search engine friendly’ – what this means is that Google can easily ‘crawl’ your site, and read your content in a manner that helps your listing in the Google index. What this will not do is automatically rank you higher in Google. We have ongoing SEO packages for this, you can see the high Google rankings we have achieved for clients here.

What is the difference between PPC and SEO?

We advise you to read our SEO guide which covers this topic in detail. Download here

Should we only do SEO? 

We would suggest not relying on one source of traffic alone – SEO whilst it’s good, it isn’t enough to get patients. Social Media / PPC / Email Marketing / Leaflets / PR all play a big part in practice growth. Google Reviews are a huge help too.

Do you use any templates?

All our websites are fully bespoke, using technology that is easily portable in the future. We never ever use templates.

Do you have a consent form that I can use to obtain permission from patients about using their photos on the website?

Sorry, we don’t. You could Google ‘Model Release Form’ and see if it is applicable, or any practice you work at may be able to help.

What are the maintenance costs involved?

We pride ourselves on ZERO running costs. The system we give you allows you to maintain the website yourself without incurring any running costs. If you have improvements that you want to make to the site that you choose not to do through the content management system we provide, you could get these done on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The only fixed cost is annual website hosting, charged at £135 + vat per year. If the site is hosted on your own server then this charge won’t apply.

What are the ongoing charges?

The only cost that is fixed is the annual website hosting which is £135 + vat per annum, other than that there are no costs or ‘hidden surprises’ in the web build.

What would you charge to make minor amendments to my existing website?

Unfortunately, amendment is not a service we offer if the site was not designed by us.

Is there a contract I can look at before I sign up with your company?

We like to keep things super simple, so the contract is comprised of what is in our quote. The payment terms are 50% payment on the start of your website project and 50% on completion of the website or at time of going live.

Note, if you put the project on hold for 21 days or longer the website payment will fall due.

If you want to see our ‘standard’ terms of business they can be found here: