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It’s time to make a writing choice for your website!

We want to make your website design journey a pleasurable experience. Whilst Digimax aren’t writers, we want to add as much value as possible to your interaction with us – hence we have created a 100% complimentary Core writing service (worth £500).

Historically, when clients were asked to provide the content for websites themselves, it delayed the website design process and added pressure and ‘pain’ to the build process.

Our complimentary writing service is written by professional copywriters who have experience in writing content for dental practices. Our writers are supported by dental professionals to deliver content that is patient friendly, accurate and GDC compliant.

Whilst our Core service is perfectly placed to meet the requirements of 90% of practices – creating content that is lightly informative, concise and designed to convert patients – we also offer our Concierge service – a more personalised option that allows clinicians to hone website copy to their particular needs. We have made agreements with professional copywriters to help you ‘upgrade’ to a level of writing service that best suits your expectations.

Our Concierge services gives practices access to journalists who will interview a principal, practice manager or dedicated practice marketing team member so as to ascertain specific details, thereby offering practices more control, guidance and review opportunities throughout the writing process.

For those clinicians with passionate views on how content should be written, our journalist will offer phone and email support to help them reach their vision. Additionally, the Concierge service is suitable for practices that ‘do things differently’ to other practices.


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FeeComplimentary*£300 per thousand words
Fact-finding process
Written from scratch just for your dental practice
Written in a tone to match your practice ethos
GDC Compliant
Checked by dental care professionals
Revisions included12
Phone consultation provided×
Hand holding service×
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I will supply the contentI want to use the content from my existing site

Important notes about the complimentary Core writing service

  • If you have opted for our complimentary Core writing service, we are not able to write additional content (even at a charge) after you have completed your writing content writing request form.
  • If you have opted for our complimentary Core writing service, the content changes need to be sent to us and completed within 4 weeks of you receiving the first draft. After 4 weeks we have to release the writer working on this project. You will be trained on how to edit the supplied content on your site in any instance. 
  • Please take the time to complete the form as accurately as possible.

*Complimentary up to 25 treatment pages (4000 words). Additional pages are charged at £20 per page. Alternatively you could supply the content for additional pages.

Digimax has created the Concierge service to help practices. Digimax advises that you carry out your own due diligence before using any recommended journalists.

We cannot guarantee the availability of any of the recommended Concierge writers.