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Why you shouldn’t copy dental content from supplier websites

Often, clients send us content for their websites that contain large paragraphs of content that’s been copied from a company that’s in the dental industry such as Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, Enlighten or Straumann etc. We’d strongly advise against this as Google can penalise your site for having duplicate content on your site.

Duplicate content is also bad for SEO, therefore you can be seriously hindering your ranking on Google if you copy dental content from supplier websites. While the information provided on these supplier websites may be incredibly useful and informative, you risk the chance of being penalised by Google if you copy it word for word onto your dental website.

Instead, you should take inspiration from the content featured on supplier websites but make sure that you don’t copy it exactly word for word.

Content, and quality content at that, is highly admired and rewarded by Google. In order for content to be considered ‘high-quality’ it should try to answer the most frequent questions a patient may want to know about the treatment. It’s imperative that the content is natural and not heavily stuffed with keywords for the purposes of Google Rankings.

Important and relevant information should also be included throughout a piece of content and you should make sure that the content is of a respectable length (500 words minimum is a good place to start).

The ranking of your site is likely to suffer if you copy dental content from your supplier’s websites, which means you’ll be less likely to appear in the SERPs, meaning that fewer people will see your dental website and therefore you’ll obtain less prospective patients.

In order to ensure that your website contains quality, informative and unique content, you should consider hiring a professional copywriter to write content on your dental website. Hiring an expert in creating content could prove to be extremely beneficial to your dental website as a copywriter will know exactly how to write content that converts into patients.

You want your content to be informative, easy to read and for it to contain a healthy amount of keywords without being too overpowering. A professional copywriter will know how to write this kind of content, meaning you have less to worry about and you can rest-assured that the content on your website will be of high quality.