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We help dentists to double their profits! We do this by focusing on bespoke strategic business growth solutions that have been proven to achieve success. We integrate powerful systems that generate high Turnover with enhanced team performance.

Bespoke Strategic Solutions

Our directives are aimed at winning solutions for you, your team and your patients. We strategize for a productive, growing and healthy practice for all.

We believe in working smarter not harder. Our solutions are unique, and custom made to fit your practice. We do not believe that “one size fits all”. We will accomplish strategy, focus and productive solutions allowing you to become more confident of your future paving the way to success.

Tried, Tested and Proven Solutions

All the success strategies have been tried, tested and proven to work by implementation in our own practices first. Not only this, these solutions have been proven to work in multiple practices that we have coached and mentored allowing these businesses to succeed with less stress and greater profitability. You can be assured that our philosophies work!

Double Profits with the 7 Core Fundamentals

Having owned multiple dental practices we have been able to condense those aspects of business that have a potent impact. These core action-orientated strategies can easily help you to execute the growth fundamentals in your practice. This will help you to achieve ongoing financial growth and increase the value of your business.

Stress-Free Systems

We have systemised all profit-making areas of a business to achieve success. Our integrated solutions allow you to easily implement strategies in a stress-free manner, gaining outstanding results consistently. Increase your productivity, gain high revenue and increase profitability with uniquely designed lasting systems.

Experience and Knowledge

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Rahul Doshi and Dr. Bhavna Doshi have together accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise through their work in the dental profession. They are recognized eminent industry leaders and have helped multiple practices to achieve profitable success through practice management and innovative solutions.

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t: 07956 503232

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