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Dental Property Club: Achieve Financial Freedom

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Dental Property Club offer both training programmes and the opportunity to joint venture with us.

What’s the life and world you want to go back to post Corona?

These are unquestionably difficult times. It is apparent that dentists have become increasingly frustrated and disenfranchised, given the lack of support from various governing bodies. The lack of support and empathy from the CDO being a prime example.

However, Dr Harry Singh is on hand to offer his advice and expertise on how you can future proof your finances by building a passive income. As a dentist he can appreciate and understand the financial pressure many of his peers are facing. He understands how frustrating that can be. He felt the same.

He has been investing in property since 2002. He speaks from the ‘trenches and not an ivory tower,’ which means he is ideally placed to respond to the many dentists around the country who, over the past few weeks, have asked him what the virus might mean for their financial future in 2020 and beyond.


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