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Life Lessons that can be learned from Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an author, entrepreneur and life coach. The lessons that we can learn from him are truly invaluable and whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner or just someone who’s finding their feet in the career world, you’ll be able to implement at least one of Robbins’ lessons to improve the quality of your life.

Be more focused on results rather than the activity

Once you decide on the results that you want to achieve, it becomes much easier to come up with much better actions to help you achieve your desired goal much quicker. Focus on the desired result and you’ll be able to get there much quicker; put together a high quality action plan with clear and extremely focused steps that you need to undertake and you’ll reach your end result much faster.

Swap your expectations for appreciations

It’s time to figure out what you’re grateful for; once you start to appreciate the things that are going right in your life then it’s much easier to work on the negatives to turn them into positives. Trade your expectations for appreciations and you’ll soon start to realise just how much the little things in your life truly mean to you.

Focus on the six human needs

According to Tony Robbins, there are six fundamental human needs that everyone shares and that drive our lives. These are: certainty, variety, significance, connection/love, growth and contribution. Each individual person will experience these needs on a different level but ultimately, everyone experiences them at some point.

Where focus goes, energy flows

This life lesson from Tony Robbins is an incredibly important one to remember; if we focus on the positives and concentrate on how we can add more value to people’s lives then Tony believes that you’ll consistently find ways to add more value to people’s lives. However, if you only focus on the negatives and constantly make excuses then you’ll be hindering your ability to grow.

Influence your body and mind: physiology, focus and language

Tony Robbins believes that we can master our emotional states with regards to how we use our body, focus and language. He believes that you can influence your body, what your brain focuses on and the language that you use at any given moment.

A 2mm change is often all you need

The ‘2mm change’ is based on the fact that the difference between scoring a goal and missing the goal in football is a mere 2mm. Robbins believes that this metaphor can be applied to our everyday lives and that all it takes to inflict real change upon our lives is ‘2mm’.

Decisions lead to destiny

Robbins states that our decisions define our destiny, which means that each decision we make ultimately leads us to a destination in our life. It can be considered to be good practice to reflect on the good decisions that you’ve made in your life with the hope and intention of learning from them and then being able to continue to make valuable decisions.