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Introducing the Ultimate Book for any Dental Pratice – Amazon Bestseller ‘Instagram For Dentists’

Reaching bestseller status in a matter of weeks, “Instagram For Dentists” offers dental professionals insider’s hacks on how to capitalise on one of the fastest growing social platforms – Instagram.

Instagram is often perceived as simply a place to post your selfies and trendy travel snaps, but the dental industry is now catching wind of the incredible potential that one billion monthly users brings.

There are, of course, countless stats out there that show the increasing popularity of the platform, but the simple fact is that if your business isn’t on Instagram, it’s missing out on a huge slice of the market.

‘Instagram for Dentists’ is aimed squarely at dentists and practices that aren’t using the platform to the fullest. As the CEO of the world’s highest-rated dental digital marketing agency, Digimax Dental; plus having 20+ years of experience in the dental industry, author Shaz Memon is sharing all of his insider knowledge with his latest creation.

Memon says, “I want to show anyone within dentistry that Instagram is easy to master and a lot of fun, too. With this book, dentists can learn to use Instagram to grow a brand effectively, creatively and confidently.”

The book is laid out in an easy-to-follow reference format that breaks down key concepts into bite-size chapters, making it easy for those technologically inept to understand. The book goes on to carefully and clearly explain everything from what content to post, how and when to post it, how to write a cutting-edge bio. Most importantly, the book focuses on how to maximise your interactions with your 1-billion-strong audience to see a real, tangible return for your clinic.

“Instagram for Dentists” even goes as far as to demonstrate how readers can optimise the platform’s layout to develop their brand identity; whilst also providing some of Memon’s personal tips and tricks that are simple to apply, and guaranteed to put your profile high above the rest.

All profits go directly to Wells on Wheels, a charity which is aiming to improve the lives of women in India through a simple invention – a water wheel which enables women to roll contents along the ground as opposed to carrying it on their heads.

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