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Insensitive Instagram posts during the coronavirus pandemic will not help your brand

Instagram Marketing Tips During Coronavirus Pandemic

Save your brand by supporting, not selling.

A full lockdown for the UK has been finally announced. We seem to be living an apocalyptic movie, a scary reality day by day, with many of us still in disbelief with what is going on.

Just a few weeks back, we were living our fast-paced lives – enjoying great times we took for granted – with all things put into perspective where we stand today. We must stay home, and we are confused about what we should be doing with almost every part of our lives.

Let us not forget something; we are going to get through this. We are not all going to die, and people will still need your services at the end of this temporary but stressful situation.

So, what should you do when it comes to your marketing? Knee jerk reaction is to probably do nothing as you have more important things to attend to like stockpiling loo roll and pasta. Or you might think that you should let planned posts go out on your Instagram as usual.

Right now, it is NOT the time to be making Instagram posts that are not sympathetic to current times. If, despite the advice in my book, you still employ a third party to manage your Instagram posts, then ask them to STOP posting before and after cases or posts that are irrelevant to the now.

Why do I say this? Well, are we processing the marketing messages from some brands who are ignoring the pandemic completely? We are still being asked to buy all kinds of services and products. How are we meant to engage or absorb messages from brands when we are mentally disengaged right now from anything that does not involve planning for survival, strategising, and showing leadership?

Insensitive posts that do not take into account our current climate is reckless and will undoubtedly annoy people and damage the brand you have spent a long time building.

When we get through this, people will remember how brands made them feel. Feelings of sadness or happiness is heightened right now. For the first time, we are all being advised to do things against our will. I loved the idea of being at home for weeks, and not having to commute in – but the moment someone tells me that you HAVE to stay home, guess what — I want to do the exact opposite! We are all feeling frustration and anxiety. At this time, we are also logging on to social networks MUCH MUCH more than before. So let us use this time to BUILD YOUR BRAND further. As Steve Siebold says, ‘You’re either growing or dying’.

I say – Don’t sell, connect.

Here is what your posts should be focusing on right now:

Dental world:

  • If you are seeing emergency only patients – report this
  • If you have closed – report this
  • If you are offering e-consultations – report this
  • Awareness on avoiding excessive consumption of sugars during #stayathome
  • Reminder on how to brush

What can I post on Instagram during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic?

Applies to any business

  • Tips to stay healthy while at home
  • Top books to read
  • Films to watch
  • Ingenious ideas to keep the kids entertained
  • Share something hopeful and positive
  • Education and personal development ideas
  • Podcasts or inspiring videos people should watch
  • Show solidarity
  • Show care for others
  • Offer your help
  • Let people know how they can contact you
  • Posts on how to learn a language
  • How to meditate
  • Easy recipes that require only five ingredients
  • Share neutral humour
  • Goal setting
  • Planning for when we are out of this
  • Run polls to get people’s opinions (positivity)
  • Go live and host a watching party

The sky is the limit on what you could post. What you should not post right now are before and afters if you are a dentist, or complex cases and how great and wonderful your dentistry is right now. For every other business, do not make most of your posts “business as usual.” Certainly do not sell, or share special offers at this time – no one is thinking straight!

Act responsibly, think about your brand and dental marketing, and be there for your audience as a ray of knowledge, guidance, and support.

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