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How Google remarketing can help your practice

Many dentists are aware of using Google AdWords for their online advertising but very few are familiar with remarketing. Remarketing is an incredibly clever way to reconnect with previous visitors to your website who may not have made a purchase or submitted an enquiry. It’s a useful technique to use with the intention of turning previous visitors to your dental website into potential patients.

The way that remarketing works is by positioning ads that are specifically targeted to your audience in front of them, regardless of what website they’re currently browsing.

While it may come across as a little sneaky, remarketing is actually a very useful way of peaking your website’s visitor’s interests and make them return to your site for a second or third time.

How does remarketing work?

A remarketing campaign can prove to be very useful for dental practices as it could help you to obtain even more patients. In order for remarketing to be brought into play, a tracking code (that has been generated from your AdWords or Analytics account) must be added to your website which then adds cookies to the computers of the visitors of your site.

It’s also useful to note that you can differentiate visitors based on their potential interests and the various pages that they visited so that you can make sure you’re using remarketing effectively. You would then create a campaign in Google AdWords with the specific ad copy that you want to display in front of your desired target audience.

Remarketing can help your dental practice as you’re able to put your website into front of people who may have already come across it but have not actively engaged with it. You’ll be able to obtain the attention of previous visitors to your website and potentially turn them into patients. Using a remarketing technique and displaying ads such as a link to your contact page can significantly help your dental practice as you will hopefully entice people to revisit your site and maybe even make an enquiry.

One of the major benefits of using remarketing is that it generally has cheaper click costs than traditional AdWords campaigns and it is also considered to have a higher conversion rate. This means that you’re more likely to obtain a better conversion rate of visitors to patients as remarketing is generally more effective and cheaper too.