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Grow your business with Google Posts – A new feature from Google

Growing Your Reach: Google Posts and Your Dental Practice

The Internet has been an indispensable tool for businesses in their search to build and maintain better relationships with their audience. That’s why companies like Google continue to support businesses with their accessible online index which has revolutionised the way we find businesses. In order to help businesses to maximise their reach, Google introduced Google My Business Posts. We’ve got all the information you’ll need on this exciting Google innovation topic and you can find out how this new  can help attract more patients to your dental practice.

A Wider Reach for People in Need of You

Google Posts allow you to post details about your practice:

  • With a post you can promote offers and promotions available at your practice. I.e a free tootbrush for new patients. You can also upload graphics to do this.
  • With more updates and timely information about promotions, people are given a reason to come back to your business. One popular example to note is if you give a discount to patients on their dental check-ups, you can then update your current and future patients about it through Google Posts.

At the moment, the service is still unnamed. Its official name isn’t revealed yet; according to Search Engine Land, Google Posts is just a name made up because of its updated label on its page. For the time being, Google has appropriately named it ‘Posts by Google.’

A Detailed Description of the Work

Here’s a closer look on how Google makes these posts about your dental practice even more informative:

  • Creating a Post. You can start with a post that says something about your practice. It could be any relevant information – a promotion, price reduction, or the packages for your dental practice. Then, you click on ‘next’.
  • Publish it. After you’ve created it, click ‘publish’ and you’re all set. You’ll see the results when you go to your Google listing, which can be found under the ‘Search and Maps’ category.
  • Does it work? You’re updated in real time with regards to whether people are seeing it or not through the number of ‘views’; you’ll even be updated if the promotions or packages are attracting people through the number of ‘engagement’ on the posts.

It is still relatively new, having been adapted for use by businesses in March 2016. It had been offered to a small sample size of businesses initially, but it soon blossomed to include everything from museums and movie houses to sports teams and leagues across North America and South America (Brazil.)

Why Do You Google My Business Posts?

It’s easy to overlook the immediate need of your dental practice if it’s doing well. However, with a wider engagement, you can service a bigger client-base or the entirety of your local target audience through Google Posts. It’s an effective method of growing your business even further. You can also show your clientele that you’re serious about what you do and the services that you offer.

Regardless of your reasons, if you’re looking for growth or just to serve a wider range of people, you should try Google Posts for your dental practice.