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Get Noticed the Right Way: The Impact of Patient Reviews to Dental Practices

One of the oldest ways to spread the word about a business is through word-of-mouth. In an age where businesses reach their audience easier, better, and faster through the Internet, word-of-mouth has transformed into online client and patient reviews.

Let Them Type: Online Reviews and Online Presence of Dental Practices

Online reviews can be a blessing or a curse for businesses in any field including your dental practice. Despite this, dental marketing advisers strongly suggest that dental practices should encourage their patients to leave reviews.

Online patient reviews enhance your practice’s online presence. If there are more people talking about your practice, then your page has more chances of being clicked on. In order to increase your online presence even further, as dental marketing specialists we provide the following tips:

  1. Urge happy clients to leave reviews on your practice’s Google profile page or Facebook page.
  2. Regardless of whether the reviews are positive or negative, you should always respond to them.
  3. Share the reviews on your social media sites to increase the audience reach.
  4. Post a guide or the sites where patients can leave their comments – preferably a place on the Internet that is known to obtain a lot of traffic so that you have more chance of reaching more people.
  5. Always make the most of good reviews – you could print them off and put them on a ‘review wall’ in your dental practice.

How Online Reviews Can Affect a Dental Practice

In the traditional word-of-mouth scenario, a patient’s opinions are kept to a select few that includes family and friends of varying degrees. With online reviews, however, that patient’s opinions can reach a far wider readership. That’s why online reviews can:

  • Build a solid foundation for a growing dental practice’s reputation.
  • Stain the immaculate reputation of an established practice.
  • Highlight a dental practice’s strong points.
  • Point out a dental practice’s weaknesses.
  • Create online patient-clinic engagement.

As dental marketing experts, we believe that although it is undoubtedly better for your dental practice to get good reviews rather than bad ones, what matters the most is how you handle them. A good comment can go to waste if it is not properly utilised, when it can be used to boost your practice. At the same time, a bad comment may slow the foot traffic in the dental practice if it is not handled properly.

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