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The tool you need to use to check if your brand name is available

Are you thinking about branching out into the world of social media but you’re already stuck at the first hurdle? It can be a fairly daunting task trying to step up your social media channels and as you want to remain as on-brand as possible, it can be pretty overwhelming when choosing a username for your social media channels. It’s important to pick a name that can be used across all of your social media channels and that’s where KnowEm comes in.

KnowEm is an online tool that allows you to discover exactly where your brand name is available on social media networks. It has access to over 500 social networks that you can check to see if your brand name is available to use across your desired social media channels. It’s an incredibly useful tool to use as you can see if your brand name has been previously used, meaning you can then decide the next appropriate course of action.

If your brand name is free on the social media channels that you wish to use then you can secure it before anyone else does. Failing that, if your brand name has been used by someone else but the account is not active, KnowEm can help you to contact each site in order to have the name released and returned to you so that you’re able to use it.

KnowEm is constantly updating their website and the social sites that it has access to so if you’re looking to secure an account with your brand name on the latest social media site then chances are that KnowEm has already added it to their database of social sites.

Furthermore, KnowEm offers a subscription service that means whenever a new social site emerges, your brand name will already have a secure place on the said site, should you wish to use it. This is a great feature for dental practices to use as you can be sure that you’ll be able to keep up with the competition as you’ll have guaranteed access to the latest social site.

If you’re wanting to register your dental practice on various social media sites then Digimax Dental highly recommends using KnowEm to check if your brand name is available first.