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Printing Guide

Please find below our print fee guide.


A4 Welcome Pack


A5 Welcome Pack




A4 Brochures | Booklets


A5 Brochures | Booklets


Fees are exclusive of VAT and delivery. Sizes not listed are charged based on the base price listed for an item of the next closest size. Prices correct as of 01/10/2019

We try and provide you with the most accurate quote possible, but sometimes we may need to charge additional to meet your specific requirement (example bunting) .

Urgent projects

As a trusted design agency with a large client-base, we have numerous projects being undertaken at any one time and run a very tight schedule in order to deliver to deadline.

When necessary, we are happy to accommodate urgent projects which have a 24 to 48 hour print turnaround. Whilst we will deliver these projects with the same level of professionalism and finish as our regular work, these types of projects require schedule adjustments and overtime. For these reasons, please be aware that projects requiring a 24 to 48 hour turnaround will attract a surcharge (subject to acceptance).


Printing & proof checking

Before the client confirms a print project, we request them to proofread and check for absolute final approval / sign off. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all the details are correct and spell check before approving for printing.

Digimax will not accept responsibility for any errors detected after approval for print.

For print related materials, clients should be aware of the following:

  1. Colours on the screen will differ to the final printed product. The tolerance on CMYK printing is approximately 5% lower or greater.
    If exact or close colour matching is required, please ask for a Pantone print process which is usually considerably more expensive than batch printing.
  2. Colour-matching from previous jobs is not guaranteed. Therefore, when projects are reprinted, there may be slight variations in tone and colour due to the printing process.
  3. SPOT-UV layers can and often do move from the original artwork’s position by up to 2mm due to the scale of the printing process. Please only approve artwork you fully accept should the SPOT-UV layer move by 2mm.