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Who influences you?

We are the architects of our own destiny and the designers of our own future. At least, that’s the consensus of opinion should you ever choose to conduct a philosophical Google search. But what hope is there for those of us for whom the dental marketing vision is a tad blurry? Where do we unearth that all-essential inspiration for a strategy to match our business plan – and who best to turn to when we’re struck by a crisis in confidence?

I have worked with many dentists on the development of their practice website, professional online profile, brand and marketing strategies – either at the very start of their business journey or some years down the line when they feel they have lost their way – and no two projects are ever the same. Indeed, nor should they be. Equally, the source of their ideas can vary tremendously, too.

When it comes to dental marketing, it is not unusual for a practice principal to seek a little help in ‘joining the dots’ in order to see the bigger picture.

What is surprising is how many arrive in my studio, having drawn a blank or reached a creative brick wall, but not first sought inspiration from elsewhere.

Creative stimulus comes in many guises and from the most unexpected of places – from the practice team to patients, from a business unrelated to dentistry to your biggest competitors – and drawing on these sources can be helpful before seeking professional input from a marketer.

In fact, rather than someone on the payroll, sometimes it can be your biggest critic who will nudge your brand into an illuminating and refreshingly new direction.

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