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Time to embrace social media

How can dental practices use social media to their advantage instead of being subject to social media scrutiny?
Social media – is an essential part of marketing. Millions of businesses sport online
profiles posting links and stories spanning numerous platforms, all fighting to make their voices heard, products sold, and services delivered. Dental practices that embrace this fare well.

Of course, the flipside is online reviews and the ability to share opinions with thousands of people within a matter of seconds far and wide is made easy by the internet – a simplicity arguably fuelling social media scrutiny.

This is not to say you should admit defeat. The promotional opportunities social media offers without much cost – is invaluable. So, give your dental practice a voice by becoming a digital marketing warrior.

Be proactive rather than reactive. Have a strong positive presence. This goes beyond simply responding to poor reviews. Defending your practice from online criticism is only half a job. An active online presence is essential if you are to own your brand and encourage new patients.

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