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The ultimate guide to handling fake negative Google reviews

Shaz Memon gives some simple tips on how to deal with fake negative online reviews.

In an online world where everyone’s a critic, your dental practice will have done well to avoid poor feedback thus far.

Realistically, you will most probably have received your fair share of both negative and positive reviews – and it is important to respond to both.

A policy of ‘duck and cover’ on the one hand and a failure to offer polite acknowledgement on the other will only serve to do your business an injustice, appearing disingenuous and dispirited at best and indifferent at worst.

Prospective patients like to get a ‘feel’ of a dental practice – and their journey more often than not begins online, which means courting them so that they offer honest feedback once they’ve experienced your care will guide others to your door.

Therefore, this ethos of online patient engagement both supports and markets your practice.

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