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The ‘Power Of 9’ Model: Attracting The Clients You Want On Instagram

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Instagram has more than 1 billion accounts active every month, and it reports 90% of those accounts follow at least one business account. The “Power of 9” model, my Instagram business marketing model, is tied to the power of effective instant Instagram marketing for businesses. Using this model, you can design your Instagram feed to appeal to the right clientele to boost engagement and sales.

First Impression Formation

Research on first impressions has taken place in various contexts, including psychology, medicine, usability, marketing and others. Marketing defines first impressions as quick evaluations made by customers during their first few minutes of encounters with products or objects. These impressions usually remain stable and have long-term effects.

Between people, impressions are defined as perceivers’ cognitive representations of others. Focusing on cognitive processes, researchers have tracked how people developed cognitive representations from stimulus information available to perceivers. In 2006, Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov extended these findings, concluding that even an exposure of 100 milliseconds, or 0.1 seconds, is adequate for someone to make specific trait inferences — such as trustworthiness, attractiveness, competence, likeability or aggressiveness — based solely on facial appearance.

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