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Ten questions you must ask yourself about your dental practice website

At face value, a dental practice website has one key function – to provide information to the user and lead them on a journey into your practice as quickly as possible. Yet, in an age of ever-evolving technology, meeting this core requirement is not enough. Patients will make an assessment about your dental practice marketing based on how your website looks, feels and functions. As a result, it is essential it communicates to your target audience – within just three seconds.

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself about your dental practice website.

1. Does it function well?
In the fast-speed digital world, nobody expects to work hard for information anymore. In essence, what we expect from any website we land on is twofold – an easy-to-navigate website that is also pleasant to look at. Having to hunt for contact numbers or forcing visitors to click through several pages to find a location are instant turn-offs. We’ve all experienced the frustration that comes with that! For many of us, it may redirect our search to someone else’s website – and, in the case of a dental practice, it will most likely be a competitor. For the sake of your credibility – and your profits – invest in a fully functioning dental practice website with minimal issues. Do all the links work? Are your contact details easy to find – and use? How quickly does the website load? What is the browsing experience across desktop and mobile?

Don’t hold back on hiring a tech-savvy professional to do the hard work for you. It’s worth finding someone who knows dentistry, too, and has a deep understanding on the related dos and don’ts of dental-specific content.

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