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Put a spin on it

Dentistry is beset by poor media coverage – so what can you do to flip the negative publicity and get more patients through your door? Shaz Memon explains

Very few of us are blessed with the ability to create prose that flows as perfectly as the ink from a Montblanc fountain pen.

As a clinician, you are unlikely to need to add this to an already comprehensive skillset, even though written communication plays a big role in dentistry as the spoken

The power of words – especially in a world built on trust and where patients hang on to every one you share – is a key part of your professionalism that requires frequent revisiting and fine-tuning.

Words need to be communicated with clarity, they need to be kind, caring and comforting, but they also need to engage and, essentially, make what you do – dentistry – attractive and appealing. Not easy when the media often shines a spotlight on the less palatable side of the profession!

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