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Practices are not working hard enough to prevent negative online reviews

I often find myself on the receiving end of a call from a panicked principal, seeking advice on how to handle a negative Google review.

After discussing the issue at length, often we draw the conclusion that it could have been prevented and dealt with in-house before the patient even thought to vent online.

We also both agree that the practice will do things slightly differently next time to avoid this ‘reactive’ situation. That led me to thinking if practices could actively work to build a culture of ‘prevention’ when it came to Google reviews – which would naturally lead to five star reviews – then this would minimise any hard feelings surrounding negative public comments.

Here are eight great ways to ensure five-star reviews – and avoid bad ones!
‘Prevention is better than cure’ is the dental profession’s mantra. Apply this to the digital world of patient reviews and you won’t go far wrong, for it is as important to have strong foundations on which to build a positive online profile, as it is to have the skills to ensure optimum oral health in order to create healthy smiles. If you’re looking to ensure an impressive ‘five star’ reputation, here are eight ways to make the right impression

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