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Nine reasons your practice needs Whatsapp and a mobile phone

The way in which we communicate is constantly changing. This change is powered by technology that creates new and ever-increasing digital opportunities to interact.

As business owners we must meet the needs of the changing habits of an ‘always switched on’ audience. They prefer to communicate at a pace they dictate.

As a practice you may have some direct and active marketing costs such as Facebook campaigns, dental SEO, pay per click, print media and more. You also have non-direct marketing investments. This includes your practice signage, established time in the locality, word of mouth referral and much more bringing you a steady flow of inbound leads.

Most practices are quite poor at following up leads that enquired but then went cold. They are too busy dealing with engaged leads so cannot invest the time to nurture leads that haven’t replied. What if you could convert leads you are already receiving, just by broadening the way you communicate with potential patients? This could increase your turnover and give you a better return on your marketing investment. Correction, this does give you better return on your marketing investment!

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