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We spoke to Shaz about why he set up Digimax Dental but also why it is important for practices to have an outstanding online presence in order to attract and retain patients.


How was the concept of Digimax Dental brought about?
Going back to high school, Digimax was a name I came up with in Maths class. This was merged from ‘Digital Design’ and ‘Maximum Effect’. Digimax Dental, an arm of Digimax, came about in 2004, when I first started working with dental practices. The brand was started after I quickly realised that marketing for dental practices was unlike marketing for any other non-dental business. Practices needed help promoting ‘outcomes’ instead of services.

Digimax Dental is situated in Marylebone, London and has a team of dental web designers, SEO experts,
branding specialists and graphic designers. At Digimax Dental, we have a vast amount of marketing experience in order to help create solutions for dental businesses – we want practices to be able to stand out to their target
audiences and grow using digital marketing. I work as a designer in my own company – every design that leaves Digimax has either been seen by me, or I have personally worked on it.


What challenges and opportunities did you face when you first created Digimax Dental?
The biggest challenge was the amount of knowledge about dentistry that was required from both a dentist’s perspective and a patient’s perspective. Short of studying for a BDS, I spent a lot of time with Principals who were happy to transfer their knowledge to me. I was able to sit in the practice, see consultations and witness the patient journey to understand how dental treatments needed to be marketed. Failing a few times was a challenge for
me, as I wasn’t used to negative feedback — but this is what has made us so strong today. It was incredible, how something that was traditionally seen as a ‘needs based’ service, was now changing lives and the confidence of patients throughout the country with the emergence of cosmetic dentistry. I remember seeing a patient after they had their teeth aligned, and cosmetically enhanced with whitening. She was beaming with confidence and excitement and almost in tears of joy with the outcome!

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