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Invest in the long term with your dental marketing

Customers now look at how well companies look after them rather than short-term gains, Shaz Memon says.

These days, money-off incentives have a very short shelf life. A once popular default sales technique, its demise has been accelerated by the dawning of the internet. In essence, a customer would buy into a brand at a reduced cost only to see a price hike at a later stage but would (most likely) continue their loyalty indefinitely and without question. This was often due to a lack of opportunity to compare like with like.

The digital age has changed the marketing status quo forever and, with it, the fortunes of this somewhat cynical approach. With 24/7 access to online reviews, for example, today’s savvy public is able to see – with clarity – if and how well companies look after their customers.

Indeed, we have grown to expect more than just an attractive initial price point from any given business. According to those who measure marketing trends, consumers are far more interested in service than cost – and this is particularly true of dentistry, with many patients now seeking added value to their investment of both time and money.

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