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Instagram for Dentists – the ultimate review

Julian English reviews Shaz Memon’s new book, Instagram for Dentists.

They say the first bite is with the eye. When Instagram for Dentists arrived it was like a feast of nectar and ambrosia of the gods. The front cover is stunning. The size and shape are somewhat unique and really make the book stand out.

The five-colour foil molten gold on the lips is fabulous and I defy even the most ambivalent of readers not to open the book and tuck in, after such a great start.

Shaz Memon is a forward-thinking entrepreneur and leader of a successful website-builder company for the dental profession and industry.

Here he has tapped into the biggest black hole in modern business development – Instagram – and its mysteries.

Now, if you are on or considering Instagram, a scientific paper in tiny print, covering a page from head to foot, is going to put you off. So Instagram for Dentists is styled for and written for the intended audience – Instagrammers.

This book has big print.

It is written almost in bullet points.

Instagram for Dentists is split into many many short chapters or short sentences, the like of which James Patterson would be proud.

The ubiquitous imagery is simple and appropriate and effective.

This imagery illustrates a book that basically talks about Instagram in theory and from its beginnings, to what its use is for, to how to create an account and how to post and master it. The book illustrates all steps clearly and simply.

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