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How to collect 100 Google reviews in six months, with three easy-to-follow email templates

Good communication lies at the heart of dentistry. And there is an expectation on those working within the industry to engage with clarity and honesty.

Running a successful practice relies on a team who are confident in effectively handling any challenging conversations with patients too. And this includes those that directly involve marketing the treatments you offer.

Most businesses now rely on online patient reviews to raise a profile and entice further custom. Indeed, patients consider Google reviews a valuable and measurable source of information. They illustrate the highs and lows of any customer/patient experience.

Many dental practices with exceptional Google ratings will stand out from their competition. Those with consistently good feedback often report a boost in footfall because most new patients are relying on the views of others for reassurance in their confidence in a practice’s abilities to deliver exceptional care.

But if your bank of patient testimonials is running dry or may even be non-existent, how best to boost that all-essential star rating?

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