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Has your dental website content been copied? Google may not like this

Dentists seem to have two mindsets when it comes to marketing their practices: some are passionate about their online presence and carefully craft social media profiles and practice websites that showcase their work well, while the rest vary, from the perfectly acceptable “checking all boxes” approach to the more lackluster or non-existent approach.

Dentists are, of course, primarily clinicians who aim to perform their finest work. Additionally, if they have their own practices, they are business entrepreneurs who must balance staff management, clinical skills, and regulatory demands, all while keeping their practices profitable. The last thing on their to-do list might be developing a website, as the all-important dental marketing plan often gets placed on the back burner. With its time-consuming demand for engaging content, the creation of a great website is often viewed as a chore.

A quick way to develop a dental practice website might therefore be to copy content from elsewhere. You might ask, why create new words when those on other websites serve the purpose so well? On the whole, treatments are universal, and it follows that treatment descriptions are similar. Surely there is only so much that can be said about the importance of replacing missing teeth and the benefits of teeth whitening.

The short answer is that duplicated copy from anywhere else on the web will detrimentally affect your online presence. Aside from the obvious perils of plagiarism—what you may think is acceptable could in fact be an infringement of somebody else’s work—you run the risk of Google ignoring you due to the lifted content that now populates your website.

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