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Five steps to bringing Instagram to life

We are craving human connection more than ever before. Relationships give us the feeling of belonging as well as a sense of identity. In the digital world, it is easy to lose the essence of those all-essential human connections.

Online, while the efficient and flexible exchange of information is a commodity, there needs to exist a deeper and more meaningful relationship between a business and its clients if it is to build and nurture trust.

Too often we view online interactions as a shortcut to building relationships. How many of us refer to our 600 Facebook friends and 1,000 Instagram followers. But then rarely actively engage with the people behind the accounts?

In dentistry, the role of a dental practice – in its most simplistic terms – is to help solve people’s problems.

We often associate the rise of the internet with the loss of essential human elements. This is unfortunate for dentists who arguably still have to work hard at appealing to the general public.

An appointment with the dentist rates highly on the list of most common fears. Statistics from the Oral Health Foundation suggest almost half of UK adults have a fear to some degree.

Happily, cosmetic dentistry is helping to changing that general perception. Accessibility to aesthetic improvements and smile makeovers entice many into the chair.

What is important in any dental marketing campaign is the need to personalise social media posts. Add a layer of intimacy and familiarity to the treatments you promote.

Additionally, any dental marketing activity should give voice to the team as well as focus on their capabilities. Be inclusive as well as targeting the right audience. Showcase real people who are happy with how you’ve solved their ‘problems’.

In a culture of instant gratification and easy access to information, it is vital dentists and their teams support relationships with communication in the real world. Whilst the foundations can be built digitally, dental teams need to follow through with more human interactions.

In effect, your online profile should reflect the in-house experience and vice versa. It should also impart with clarity the treatments you offer and the experience they can expect at the door.

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