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Fear of missing out – is Christmas the ideal time for a social media detox?

The essence of good online dental marketing lies, of course, not only in the quality of content of your social media posts, but also in their frequency. Posting regularly maximises opportunities for dentists to promote their practice to potential patients – high engagement requires high input.

But how important is this consistency over the Christmas holidays? With the family waiting on you to make your next move in this year’s ‘must have’ board game or to join them in the annual amble round the park, would it not be wiser to take a social media detox, drop your smartphone into a lidded box and unwrap it only once the celebrations are over?

Social media, however, is such an integral part of social fabric, it is almost impossible to live life without it. Compulsive for some and a necessary evil for others, it’s also an essential tool in any marketing strategy.

Those of us running a business rarely wish to drop the reins – whatever the occasion. For those at the helm of a growing dental practice, relinquishing control is not an option. And isn’t the hiatus between 24 December and 2 January a perfect time to capture the imagination of those people with time on their hands, resolutions on their mind and a desire in their heart for a smile makeover?

If people are scrolling through the accounts of your rivals, who continue to post before and after photos, seasonal offers and a call to action, won’t you be missing a trick if you choose to take a social media detox for a few days?

New Year means fresh patients and if your online activity ceases – and your competitor’s flourishes – there’s bound to be a heart-sink feeling of lost opportunity.

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