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Clampdown on dental social influencer marketing

Social influencer marketing has garnered a lot of media interest in a very short space of time – thanks largely perhaps to posts that flout the general rules of advertising.

Incidents of shameless product promotion dressed up as enthusiastic support has given the dental marketing world some food for thought regarding the shape of its rapid digital development and brands now have to tread carefully in how they engage and with whom.

But influencer marketing is booming in the dental sector.

It offers practices and dentists an amazing opportunity to engage with patients who may otherwise ignore the more obvious advertising channels.

Critics aside, many brands cleverly use influencers well in their day-to-day marketing strategy and to great benefit, with paid partnerships, that are clearly flagged up as such, an effective tool.

Good influencer marketing is transparent about paid content and, with a small business reliant on word-of-mouth recommendations, a dental practice owner knows only too well better the power of patient persuasion.

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