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Are your men dentally fit?

British cultural perceptions of masculinity are slowly edging away from the idealised archetypes, with their archaic associations with power and strength, and heading for more enlightened paths.

Notwithstanding the results of a 2018 YouGov poll – which revealed that damaging male stereotypes persisted to impact on our general perception of gender – boundaries, in the context of marketing at least, are broadening.

Social media has a huge influence in shaping 21st-century culture. Heavily focused on aesthetics and the concept that we should all aim to ‘become the best version of ourselves’, the digital sharing of many different masculine ideal fuels the general desire to seek ways to enhance appearances.

What this means is a more discerning male consumer who is influenced by what he sees and experiences online. Modern masculinity, therefore, appears to be as much to do with male grooming, style trends and fashion, as it is gym bodies, healthy eating and fitness fads.

Today’s cosmetically focused, body-conscious male has a part to play in developing business marketing strategies – and this includes those of a dental practice.


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