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10 ways to promote a practice

1 Preventative
Stop the rot – Tooth decay continues to be a major problem
in the UK, placing significant burden not just on individuals but also on dental care professionals, the NHS and society. From the cradle to grey, innovation is a driving source in reshaping the oral health and preventative dental care market. There is a very real need to innovate in an ever-expanding oral health market that includes three key areas:

The need to see children before they reach their first birthday. The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry has dedicated much time and enthusiasm to raising awareness of this within the profession as well as with patients. It has led a great dental marketing campaign on social media – ‘Dental Check by One or #DCby1 – with the aim of getting children in the dental chair before their first birthday

Educating patients on diet and lifestyle choices and the impact this has on oral health (erosion/sugar intake/smoking/alcohol, etc) is important and dental teams can encourage patients to keep diet diaries or direct them to websites such as the government’s Change4Life Sugar Smart campaign (https:// sugar#MwtImyHwwiAOLXE5.97). Key public awareness drives, such as World Oral Health Day, National Smile Month and Mouth Cancer Action Month, all help to promote the need to view dental health care as a priority.

Treating the increasing number of older patients who will remain dentate into their ‘golden years’ but with complex health issues and problems re: dexterity. The term ‘elderly’ is, of course, diverse but do consider talking about the problems that come with age and raise awareness of how your practice is investing in new technology to help remedy some of the problem – easy access, easy payments and innovative cosmetic solutions for older patients should all be included in your dental marketing plans.

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