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Ten questions you must ask yourself about your dental practice website

At face value, a dental practice website has one key function – to provide information…

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Five steps to bringing Instagram to life

We are craving human connection more than ever before. Relationships give us the feeling of…

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How to collect 100 Google reviews in six months, with three easy-to-follow email templates

Good communication lies at the heart of dentistry. And there is an expectation on those…

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Nine reasons your practice needs Whatsapp and a mobile phone

The way in which we communicate is constantly changing. This change is powered by technology…

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What’s your story?

A book is about to be published that offers dentists insight into how best to…

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Who influences you?

We are the architects of our own destiny and the designers of our own future….

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Has your dental website content been copied? Google may not like this

Dentists seem to have two mindsets when it comes to marketing their practices: some are…

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What can a dental website learn from Amazon?

What is it about Amazon that makes the whole online shopping experience so appealing? Aside…

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Fear of missing out – is Christmas the ideal time for a social media detox?

The essence of good online dental marketing lies, of course, not only in the quality…

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Charity event to honour dentist Anoop Maini draws in 100+ walkers

More than 120 people took part in a charity walk to honour dentist Anoop Maini,…

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The problem with outsourcing Instagram

The strength of a brand lies in the passion and consistency of the voice that…

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Are your men dentally fit?

British cultural perceptions of masculinity are slowly edging away from the idealised archetypes, with their…

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Thirteen ways to make your practice more green

And so it seems that, in a world more focused on environmental issues than ever…

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How to change your dental practice name, without losing patients

There is so much more to choosing a name than how well it rolls off…

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Digital dental patient engagement – and the need to slow down

We live in a world of an ‘in the moment’ culture. Communication is instant and…

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