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V.R. Financial: Specialist Solutions

Free telephone review of current financial position 

V.R. Financial solutions was started by Vinay Rathod in 2009 following many years of experience in the field, with his wife Niyati joining in 2017.
Having studied dentistry at King’s for 2 years Vinay and Niyati, a practicing dentist since 2008 are able to offer a unique understanding of the profession and a level of service that other advisors cannot.
They’ve quickly built an excellent reputation within the dental profession due to knowledge of financial products and the profession, often succeeding in obtaining mortgage approvals that others cannot. Also considered experts in protection, they are an ethical and professional company in an area often considered a minefield.


They can offer Digimax Clients free reviews over the telephone of current financial positions for mortgages (both residential, and buy to let) and any protection (life insurance, critical illness, income protection etc)


Find out more:

Contact: Vinay Rathod

t: 07970 516939

e: [email protected]


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