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Ten years ago, a friend introduced Andy to the dental industry. He could see immediately that it was starved of commercial know-how and the fundamental business principles and practices that underpin the success of corporates. He grasped the opportunity to apply his knowledge in a new way – and Spot On Business Planning was born.

Andy had spent over 30 years leading large organisations through transformational change with the prime objective of radically improving their profitability. Now his mission is to transform underperforming dental practices and his clients typically boast a doubling of their net profit every three years.

He doesn’t just focus on the ‘how to’, but partners practices through the complete business planning cycle to successful implementation. Business owners and managers benefit in two distinct ways: from the improved financial performance his input generates to the enhanced commercial knowhow he indelibly leaves behind.

Andy is not a textbook consultant; he has decades of experience in applying the knowledge in a practical way. Demonstrating how understanding the behaviour of costs leads to more profitable ways of influencing them – and Andy transfers the practical skills that enable his clients to effectively lead and run their dental business.

His structured and supportive approach is welcomed by practices keen to maintain good results by introducing sound business methodologies.

Learn a lot about your own dental business with a free consultation. Send us your last 3 years of financial accounts, Andy will analyse them and visit you to explain the strengths and weaknesses he reads in your numbers.

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