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Multiple site solutions

Same Brand

This is applicable to you if you have multiple practices under a single brand name. This will also apply to you if you currently own a single Dental Practice and you intend to pursue further acquisitions, all under the same brand name.

Traditional Solution

Create a single website with each practice mentioned on the location page.
You can add New Dental Practices on your website location or contact us page as and when you acquire them.


It’s speedy. It’s simpler to build.


Don’t expect high search engine rankings and probably lower conversion.


Just a single mention on your existing website will not add enough SEO strength for Google to rank you well in your new locations. As your website won’t be location specific, it won’t rank as well as it could in Google rankings compared to other local practices.

Your potential patients like to know more about your practice than just its location. Team bios, and practice location specific information will help your patients decide to make contact.

The Digimax Recommended Solution

This solution has been tried and tested, and stood the test of time.

Within your main site, create a separate website for each practice location.

Besides the site built for your group, each practice has its own micro-website under the same domain.

Why is this a better solution?

Your SEO

Targeted search engine optimisation for each location, ensuring you are found in the geographical locations your patients are in. Your website competes head-to-head with other local practices.

Your Money

Low set-up costs and capital saved on copywriting fees.

Your Growth Strategy

Simply add more sites as your business grows at a low cost.

Your Audience

After years of research, we have found the optimum website design structure that is favourable in Google and is preferred by patients at the same time.

Cleverly built multi-location sites. Straightforward, scalable solutions.

Different Brands

This is applicable to you if you have multiple practices under different brand names or if you currently own a single Dental Practice and you intend to purchase a practice, retaining the purchased practice’s name and brand.

Traditional Solution

Build separate websites for each practice location.


You’ll have a brand-new website that matches your presence and business goals. You now have a higher chance of ranking on Google and competing on a local level.


You will have to repeat this process for each practice. Each acquisition will be considered an independent website project making it an EXPENSIVE SOLUTION.


The building and coding of a new website each time you expand is costly in terms of both time and capital.

Each website will need maintaining and updating individually costing hours of clinic time.

You’ll need to create unique content or hire a copywriter for each site as Google penalises plagiarism or duplicate content that could have a detrimental effect on your ranking.

The Digimax Recommended Solution

Create one website and replicate it for all subsequent websites, costing you only 50% of the original cost per website.

The websites will still have their own logo, look and feel. The site will have its own images, banners, and even colour theme changes to match your brand. Only the structure of the website will be replicated.

We will also help connect you with a copywriter for your unique website content.

You’ll have a new website, with a different domain name without any of the disadvantages.

Why is this a favoured solution?

Your Bespoke Design

Your original website design with Digimax is completely bespoke and owned by you. You get the advantage of rolling out a website structure that you know works.

Your Website Structure

Like your first site with us, your new site has the optimum website structure that ranks well on Google and converts website visits to practice bookings.

Your Time

You won’t need to start the website design process from scratch. Simply enter your new practice content in our intuitive portal and we’ll do the rest.

Your Money

You’ll save 50% on each replicated site meaning long-term savings as your business grows.

Your Growth Strategy

As your business expands, you can easily add more sites at a lower investment giving you scalable savings.

Cleverly built multi-location sites. Straightforward, scalable solutions.