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Digimax win BIG at the Dental Industry Awards

Digimax Dental won Customer Service Provider of the Year at the Dental Industry Awards 2018!

This one was of the toughest categories, as we were up against 8 companies that invest in excellence. We knew we had a very good chance, and wanted to win but actually winning and taking this award away still feels surreal.

The best marketing you can ever do for your practice is investing in making your patient experience incredible.

Everyone remembers how you make them feel, and your patients ARE GOING TO to tell their loved ones when they have been treated better than 95% of the businesses out there that still don’t understand that the client is THE most important component of any marketing strategy due to their referral network. Invest invest invest in your customer service skills before you invest any money in PPC, SEO, Social, Websites, Billboards, Magazine Ads!!!

Every late night, every early start, moments away from our loved ones, training, education, constant refinement, replying to emails at all hours and our dedication to helping our clients achieve their dreams is embodied into this piece of glass…. and it’s just further encouragement for us to keep on striving to be at the top of our game in delivering the best, most skilled, transparent and responsible service to those that trust is with the one of most important aspects of their business – their marketing.

The take away from this is to TRAIN YOUR TEAM, make your patients feel AMAZING – learn from the top hotels and go above and beyond.

Thank you to all those that have and continue to support us!


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