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Our bespoke branding guide

Branding at Digimax

To help you understand our brand design process, we have created an easy-to-follow step-by step guide.



Branding deliverables

At the end of your branding journey, you will receive:

Your logo files in PNG, JPG, EPS, AI, PDF formats

Different logo file formats are required for different uses. For example, a PNG logo file allows you to use your logo as a watermark over your images. An EPS file format would be used by a sign maker and a JPG file format could be used on Instagram. We ensure you have the full suite of formats to equip you to make effective, high quality use of your branding.


High resolution logo files for print reproductions

The resolution of your logo represents the visibility, sharpness and definition of your logo. When your logo is used in print, you need a high resolution logo file. Use of a low resolution version for your website will look grainy or blurry (pixelated) even though it may look fine on screen. We always provide you with both high resolution files for print production and low resolution (smaller file sizes) for web use. Web use covers use on social media platforms or when uploading to external websites, such as third-party directories.


CMYK colour format files 

Commercial printers need your logo files in a CMYK colour format. The CMYK model is a process where Cyan/Magenta/Yellow and Black (Key) inks mix together to form your logo at an optimum level when printed at the press. Supply of any other format would mean that your logo would not print at its best. We ensure you have your logo file supplied in a CMYK format for the best output of your logo files when you go to press.


RGB colour format files

Screens process colours in a RGB colour format. Red/Green and Blue combine to reproduce your logo that, when displayed on a screen, recreates it perfectly. If you used a CMYK logo file on your Facebook profile page, you will notice the colours are usually drastically off. We provide you with RGB file format logos for you to use on any digital platforms.


The following items are included at no extra cost – and available on request – after your brand style is approved

Business card design template

We can provide a business card design for your brand that will perfectly complement your business identity.


Letterhead design template

We can provide you with a letterhead design, too, that will also reflect your branding.


Digital letterhead design

With the decline of printed media, we now include a Microsoft Word format digital letterhead as part of our branding package to help you with any formal digital communications.


Compliment slip design template

We can provide you with a compliment slip design using your brand identity.


Appointment card design

We can create an appointment card design for your brand – another powerful branding tool.


Additionally, if you would like us to design leaflets, brochures, adverts, forms or email signatures, you can find details on our fee guide here

Step 1

Data collection

We take branding extremely seriously at Digimax. In fact, our creative director Shaz has more than 15 years’ branding experience and has worked with some of the country’s leading brands. Your long-term business plans, and the ‘voice’ that you wish to use to attract and appeal to your target audience, will influence your branding style. Branding permeates all areas of our life – we are influenced by it in our purchasing choices and lifestyle habits and instinctively respond to it. It is the public face of a company supported by the perceptions and experiences consumers have of it – and is borne out of more than just the use of visual elements.
That is why, when we take on a project, we research, read and get under the skin of what your business stands for and to whom you wish to appeal. We design identities that are timeless and sustainable.

Step 2


We take a tailored approach to branding. Many of our concepts include the involvement of an artist who will sketch out concepts in traditional form, which are then digitally rasterised to produce an amazing, bespoke result.

We will take into consideration preferences provided to us by you on our branding questionnaire.

We carefully work on concepts we believe will align with your objectives.

Step 3


At this stage, we request you look at the brand concepts we have sent to you and shortlist a favourite. If you like more than one concept, we are here to help you select a preferred identity.

We will initially seek your feedback on the shape and style and overall feel of the brand, finalising colour schemes with you once the look has been approved.

If you wish to revisit the design again, we find constructive feedback is invaluable in order to establish the final style. Four rounds of revisions are included on your shortlisted concept. On average, two is the maximum number of revisions needed to create your perfect brand style.

Revisions beyond four* rounds will attract our standard hourly graphic design rate for the Core and Personal branding packages.

*This number will vary for Concierge, Recreate and Refresh packages.

Please note:
We would highly discourage designing a brand solely based on creative preferences of the principal/manager. You have appointed Digimax to guide and help lead you to your perfect brand identity and we would love to work alongside you in your journey towards selecting an identity that will support your business. We are an effective digital marketing team with vast experience in creating online brand profiles and can develop a strategy that dovetails perfectly with your business plan.

Step 4


Once you have approved your perfect brand style, we will work on getting your ‘Brand Pack’ over to you. This will include your logo in a variety of formats for immediate use in almost any application.

Please note:
Changes requested on the logo, after this stage, will attract a fee.


Frequently asked questions

How do you arrive at branding design concepts?

When we take on a project, we research, read and get under the skin of what your business stands for and to whom you wish to appeal. We use a highly bespoke approach that often includes artistry by hand and then digital rasterization to produce an amazing result. We carefully work on a concept and style we believe is a good option and present it to you.


How long does the branding procedure take?

As our designs are completely bespoke and can often include artistry by hand, followed by digital rasterization, to produce an amazing result, we expect the process to take between three to four weeks. After approval, we will start working on your website design project (if applicable).


Can you start the branding and website designing simultaneously?

A website – such as its colour palette, overall style and design – is developed from your logo. Hence, we can start the website only once the branding has been approved.


My friend can design my logo

You have a kind friend! If they have experience in branding and do this as a career, we would be happy to use the brand identity designed by your friend.


I have seen logo design services online

A logo design service alone is akin to asking a builder to execute and show you some ideas for your building project. An architect and planner go into greater detail and bring the team together to deliver a project that foresees your current and future needs. Branding style design is much more than a creative putting together a logo that you like.


Can you work with a logo I provide?

Of course we can. Our website projects do have a strong dependence on the branding style – the most successful projects we have executed have had very strong brand identities. You are welcome to provide us with your brand style or logo and we will do our best to incorporate it.


Can I see some more ideas please?

We create our designs completely bespoke (the process takes between 8-12 hours). If you have reasons for not liking any of the designs, or feel we should revisit the design again, then we will happily do so but would need constructive feedback to find out what you would like to see different and why. As this process isn’t quick and requires a lot of thought, if we are to work on other ideas, we would want to make sure we are going to be designing with a set purpose as opposed to making variants just for the purpose of further variety.


What is a mock-up?

Sometimes we will show you what your logo could look like in context, such as a sign on a wall or on a door (a mock-up). This helps bring your identity to life to help you see our vision for your brand. This mock-up is not to be confused for proposed colours, or the final effect of your logo – just a mere reflection of the possibilities.